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A 2011 survey, Vegan From the Inside, shatters six common myths that may prevent more people from enjoying the benefits of a plant-based diet. 2,068 vegans from the United States and around the world candidly shared the joys, rewards, and challenges of their food choices.

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Comments on the Survey

Dr. Pam Popper, Executive Director of the Wellness Forum, observes the significance of survey findings: “Finally, some documentation showing what those of us who have been teaching people to adopt a plant-based diet for years have known all along. The diet is easy, people love it, they get great results, and they generally stick with it.”

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Report and Press Release

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Vegan From The Inside Press release

Selected charts:

Health changes after adopting plant-based diet

Weight changes after adopting plant-based diet

Energy level changes after adopting plant-based diet

Intention to remain on plant-based diet

Experience of being on a plant-based diet

Effort to transition to a plant-based diet

Effort to remain on a plant-based diet long-term

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