“Makes eating well and regaining lost health easy to understand.”

-John McDougall, M.D., founder of the McDougall Program and author The McDougall Program for Women and The McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss

“A year ago, I decided to try Janice’s approach to healthy eating and have lost 40 pounds. Her book is a daily reminder that I can look and feel 100% better, just by eating a sensible plant-based diet. The quart-of-food concept is especially helpful and keeps me mindful of portions, important even with healthy whole foods. Thank you, Janice.”

-Marcia Rhoades, businesswoman, mom, and grandmom, Cambria, CA

Beat Dangerous Nutrition Myths With a Whole Foods, Plant-Based Diet: The Perfect Formula Diet Teaches You How

How often have you heard that you need a special “source of protein” in your diet? That calcium builds strong bones? That cow’s milk is the best food to deliver calcium? That grilling animal foods makes them healthier? That you should be forever dissecting your foods into proteins, carbs, and fats? There’s only one problem with all these claims. Each is a food fairy tale, a dangerous myth threatening your health and emptying your wallet. 

The Perfect Formula Diet: How to Lose Weight and Get Healthy Now With Six Kinds of Whole Foods is not a clone of every other book you’ve read. Leap ahead of the same tired advice that never gets you to your goals. Donate your old books about supposedly “healthy diets”  to your favorite thrift store – you won’t need them. And stop the forever off-and-on dieting – your weight loss will be permanent this time.

Discover the Perfect Formula that pulls together over 1,000 scientific studies. Endorsed by leading researchers such as Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Neal Barnard, this book is based on fact, not nutrition myths that serve only big food and medical industries .

  • Join the community of people rediscovering their roots and eating a sustainable whole foods, plant-based diet – nature’s eating plan
  • Stop shortchanging yourself the vital nutrients you can get only from whole foods

    Enjoy dark chocolate treats on this easy diet

    Enjoy dark chocolate treats on this easy diet

  • Ramp up the antioxidants that fight illness and wrinkles
  • Learn exactly how much protein you need and how too much makes you fat and sick
  • Enjoy foods that counter the inflammation that ages your body
  • Delight in the aroma of fragrant home cooking
  • Create not-meals dense with exquisite herbs and spices and hunger-busting comfort foods
  • Undo harm from environmental toxins at a pace your body can best handle
  • Pare your food budget
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and eat sustainably
  • Create a nontoxic Perfect Home to support your weight loss and health improvement goals
  • Take control of your health back from drug companies
  • Find a simple, direct way to find the same health benefits that the patients in the film Forks Over Knives enjoy

Run-of-the-mill diets become harder to stick to over time. You feel like you

Soup is another delicious perfect food

Soup is another delicious Perfect Food

are pushing a boulder up a mountain to hang on even one more day.

The Perfect Formula Diet becomes easier the longer you stay on it. You feel so much better as long-standing health issues may dissolve. Permanent success knocks weight and food off of your worry list.

You probably already know that whole foods are your best choice. You might be wondering which ones to eat, in what amounts, and when. This book shows you how to plan and enjoy a whole foods, plant-based diet that will make your naturally perfect body and your taste buds sing with pleasure. All without added salt. The best salt substitute – reeducated taste buds – goes along with this diet.

Wear the clothes you always wanted

Wear the clothes you always wanted

The Perfect Formula Diet describes choices to transition to a whole-foods, plant-based eating plan. You select the path that works for you. Your success accelerates with every good choice. Tip lists, with ideas for eating at home, work, and restaurants, make healthy eating easy and fun.

So dig out those clothes that have become too tight. They are about to become too loose!

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