What People Are Saying About The Perfect Formula Diet

“The Perfect Formula Diet is a wonderful book – I had the good fortune to review each chapter as it was written and adapt my eating plan to its principles. The research is so thorough and its practices have worked for me.  Now, in over 520 days of my day to day approach to healthful eating and with over 50 pounds of weight loss, I feel great.  After many years of diets, weight loss and re-gain, I believe I’m now have a long-term approach to healthful eating.”

-Kathy Sternbach, M.Ed, M.B.A, behavioral health consultant

“Janice Stanger writes a powerful testimony to the health value of a plant-based diet. She not only cites the supporting evidence for her claims but in many cases intelligently uses metaphors that illustrate her points. It’s a great read, both for the public and for the professional. I wholeheartedly endorse it.”

-T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., author The China Study

“In The Perfect Formula Diet, you’ll find all the information you wanted to know about nutrition but couldn’t sort out in scientific journals. Janice puts all this information together in the most perfect way, giving you a plant-powered formula for taking back your life and health.”

– Neal Barnard, M.D., President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

“I can’t recommend most diet books because small errors in interpretation of the scientific literature can result in devastating diseases for some people. If you want to read on that gets it right, Dr. Stanger’s The Perfect Formula Diet can help people reduce their risk of chronic disease and lead a more healthful and pleasurable life.”

-Joel Fuhrman, M.D., co-founder of Eat Right America and author Eat to Live

“Reading this book, I was very impressed!  It covers so many different aspects of why we need to eat whole foods exclusively, and is backed up with all the latest research!  Get this book in everybody’s hands!  Bravo for a wonderful effort!”

-Ruth Heidrich, Ph.D., Ironman Triathlete and author A Race for Life, CHEF, and Senior Fitness

“Dr. Stanger makes eating well and regaining lost health easy to understand in The Perfect Formula Diet. She sticks right with the facts. Her efforts to provide exhaustive scientific research for her book offer a formidable challenge to all naysayers.”

John McDougall, M.D., founder of the McDougall Program and author The McDougall Program for Women and The McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss

The Perfect Formula Diet provides a much-needed, solidly-researched, and wonderfully liberating perspective on the current conundrum of eating. Dr. Stanger illuminates how eating a whole foods plant-based diet provides us with the perfect nutrition that can bring radiant health and boundless energy pouring into our lives. The Perfect Formula Diet is a crucial resource for anyone seeking greater nutritional wisdom.”

-Will Tuttle, Ph.D., author The World Peace Diet

“The Perfect Formula Diet is a must read for anyone who loves to eat and wants to lose weight.  Dr. Stanger offers an extremely intelligent science-based, practical guide for transitioning to a whole-food eating plan.  You can put an end to compulsive food cravings, yo-yo dieting and poor health and this book will show you how.   And you’ll be saving the planet at the same time!  This book will be required reading for my clients.”

-Julie M. Simon, M.A, M.B.A, M.F.T, psychotherapist and eating disorder specialist

“This diet is simple and effective, the science is irrefutable. This is the most

Whole foods are the foundation of the Perfect Formula Diet

Whole foods are the foundation of the Perfect Formula Diet

important book you will read regarding your health and your family’s health. The writing is a joy to read; the message is a must read.


-Andy Laub, founder of Farmers Market Tea

“The Perfect Formula Diet explains the science, appreciates the art, and captures the magic of whole foods.”

-Rex Bowlby, author Plant Roots

“In her book, Dr. Stanger shares her journey from illness to perfect health, empowering all who read The Perfect Formula Diet. This book is a perfect tool for teaching future generations how to live a lean, green, and inspired life.”

-Barbara Gates, Director of Lean and Green Schools

“When I was young, my favorite snack was vanilla ice cream and potato chips. I was always so skinny, even eating a traditional Western diet with the ice cream and potato chip kicker didn’t put weight on me. Then I reached middle age and found that my eating habits were turning my body into the proverbial pear shape. A year ago, I decided to try Janice’s approach to healthy eating and have lost 40 pounds. Her book is a daily reminder that I can look and feel 100% better, just by eating a sensible plant-based diet. The quart-of-food concept is especially helpful and keeps me mindful of portions, important even with healthy whole foods. Thank you, Janice.”

– Marcia Rhoades, Businesswoman, mom, and grandmom, Cambria, CA