Millions of people are abandoning toxic choices to find a better way. You will have all the company and assistance you need along the way to trim good

You will have all the help you need on your healthy journey

You will have all the help you need on your healthy journey

health. The helpful resources included here provide terrific whole food, plant-based recipes, informative reading, practical guidance, and much more.

Have fun on your journey. You can choose to give your life an amazing direction. What will it be like for you in ten years if you do not start working on your health and weight now? The first step is as close as your next meal.

Whole foods, plant-based recipes you will love -wonderful ideas right on this site

Benefits Magazine article on the City of Dublin, Ohio’s innovative plant-based nutrition program for employees

Recipe Books: Delicious ideas to share and enjoy

Recipes Online: Links to other sites with no cost sources of more whole foods, plant-based recipes

Healthy Omega-3  Sources (DHA, a long-chain omega-3 fatty acid from marine algae. The omega-3s in fish and fish oil start from this source anyway.)

Optimal BMI Chart

Whole Foods Blog Finder (a road map to this site)

Tracking sheet (daily log) to help you follow The Perfect Formula Diet eating plan (courtesy of Monica Johns, Chemical Engineer, Illinois)

Vegan From the Inside survey: First-of-its-kind survey on what it’s really like to be on a plant-based diet. Respondents say the joys and rewards far outweigh the challenges. Download free survey report.

Wonderful San Diego Cooking Classes