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Science-Based Nutrition and Health

Plants Are Nutrient Factories

Eat More, Wrinkle Less

Three Surprising Benefits of Whole Grains

The Truth About Whole Grains

Five Dangers of Eating Poultry

Seven Dangers of Eating Eggs

Three Ways Bacon Will Kill You

Soy: The News Is Good

How To Make Dark Chocolate Part of a Healthy Diet

The Easiest Transition to a Whole Foods, Plant Based Lifestyle

Are Veggie Meats Healthy?

Where Do You Find the Best Whole Grain Foods?

Three Reasons to Read Whole Now

The Physician Who Sends You to the Food Store, Not the Drugstore

Plant-Based Doctors Build On Powerful Visions

The Healthy Longevity Secret

The Perfect Formula Diet Top 10 List of Plant-Based Happenings in 2011

Linking Nutrition and Health: 25 Expert Tips

What Kind of Soup is Best for Colds?

How To Make the Best Soup for a Cold Even More Powerful

Calcium Can Stiffen Your Arteries

Five Ways You Thrive With Flax Seeds for Pennies a Day

Why Apples Really Are Your Best Medicine

Six Reasons to Make Pineapple a Favorite Fruit

Why Fuyu Persimmons Should Be Your Go-To Autumn Fruit

Limiting Salt to Just the Right Amount

Do-It-Yourself Vegetable Oil

Seven Reasons Omega-3s From Plants Clobber Fish and Fish Oil

10 Reasons to Eat More Cranberries

Whole Foods Nutrients Are a Superstar Team

Five Reasons To Make Black Pepper a Favorite Spice

Farmers Markets: Your Not-Meals’ Best Friend

Vanilla Is Anything But Plain

Dark Chocolate: The Solution to Mondays

A Food That Makes a Difference With Only a Handful

Whole Foods Fuel Your Own Olympic Performance

10 Tips For a Healthy Foods Diet When Traveling

Twelve Ways to Make Cooking Fun and Easy

Ten Ways Mint Helps You to Thrive

Can “Natural” and “Product” Really Coexist?

Everyone’s Eating Plants


Proteinaholic Wipes Out Protein Myths

Weight Loss – Success At Last

Why the Much-Hyped Weight Watchers Study Sets You Up for Disappointment

Will Fruit Make You Fat?

Six Reasons Portion Control Will Make You Overweight

How To Stop Emotional Eating For Good

Irresistible Cooking Made Easy (Chef Del’s Better Than Vegn Recipes for Whole Foods Weight Loss)

Eight Key Questions to Ask Before Going On a Diet

How To Go From Size 26 to Size 8 Without Being Hungry

Not-Meal Plans: Permanent, Hunger-Free Weight Loss

Five Actions You Must Take Now for Healthy Eating Success

The Road Map to Healthy Food Choices (advice from Dr. Neal Barnard)

Whole Foods Nutrients Are a Superstar Team

Commitment Is the Engine of Weight Loss

Ten Strategies to Diet and Exercise Success

Whole Foods for Health and Weight Loss Make All the Difference


The Long Life Diet

Dangers of Detox Diets – And How to Avoid Them

Estrogen and Testosterone: Problems With Keeping Them Balanced

How Many Cigarettes Should You Smoke In the New Year?

Sugar Is Not the Great Evil

What Do Hormones Have To Do With Your Diet?

Are You Getting Enough Sun?

Vitamin A Toxicity: A Little-Known Danger in Animal Foods

Seven Dangerous Mistakes in the 2016 Dietary Guidelines

My Three Most Surprising Blogs of 2014

How Healthy Fats Hurt You

Sushi Dangers

San’Dera Prude Finds a New Caramel Popcorn (San’Dera Prude interview on her role in the film Forks Over Knives)

Fish Contains Worm Larvae

What Dr. Mills Knows Can Save Your Life

Six Hidden Dangers of Sunscreen You Must Know for Summer

The Paleo Diet Dangers and Distortions

How Important Is It to Eat Breakfast?

Why Meat Can Magnify the Dangers of Alcohol

Which Air Pollutants Are Worst For Your Health?

Cancer is a Whole Body Disease

How To Avoid Your Own Personal Health Cliff

Three Honest Books Show You How to Beat the Tobacco, Food, and Drug Industries

Eleven Risky Mistakes the USDA Makes About Plant-Based Diets

Protection From Radiation: Five Ways Plant Foods Guard Your Health

Barbecue With a Side of Chemicals

Vitamin D: the Good, the Necessary, and the Toxic

Think Good Thoughts: Read The Pillars of Health

The Secret To Ditching Your Prescription Meds

How We Can Eat Our Way Out of the Deficit

A Place Where It’s Normal to Dump Sand in Your Engine

Stopping Arthritis Without Drugs

Whole Foods Vanquish Asthma

Seven Reasons Omega-3s From Plants Clobber Fish and Fish Oil

Twelve Ways Smoking and Animal Foods Are Alike

Whole Foods: The Secret You Discover For Yourself (orthorexia scam)

Eat More, Wrinkle Less

Move Over Drugs – Horticulture Therapy Is Green Healing

Toxic Chemicals: How Little Do You Want to Know?

Three Ways To Enjoy Healthy Pumpkins

Healthy People 2010: The Decade that Wasn’t

Healthy for 2010: The Best Gift You Can Give

Your 70,000 Mile Traffic Jam (short video)

Calcium Does Not Make Strong Bones (short video)

Your Skin Is Like a Sponge (short video)


2,068 Vegans Tell All

The Mindful Vegan Takes a New Approach to Transforming Food Choices

Outstanding Muscle Building With Whole Plant Foods

Vegan Travel – No Problem

The Nomadic Vegan Makes Plant-Based Travels Easy

Eating Animals: Myths and Realities

Plant Pure Nation Shows Health Is Ten Days Away

What The Health Is What You Must Know (review)

The China Study, Revised and Expanded

My Day At the Dark Chocolate Factory

A Stunning Film That Bumps Your Heart

The Empty Medicine Cabinet Shows a Medication-Free Path to Healing

The Whole Truth Is the First Step (Howard Jacobson and the writing of Whole)

The Campbell Plan Guides Your Whole Foods, Plant-Based Journey

How Not to Die: Plant-Based Nutrition Facts and Fun

The Ultimate Betrayal Investigates Happy Meat

Stopping Arthritis Without Drugs

From 160 Units of Insulin a Day to Zero

Fostering Joy: The Six Kittens Who Changed Our Lives

Never Too Late to Go Vegan

The Surest Way To Transform Your Eating Choices

Going Vegan in One Week, No Problem

 Animal Advocacy Museum Is a Step Forward Inspiring Change

Preventing Heart Attacks One Book At a Time

Whole Foods Vanquish Asthma

Taxpayers Are Showering Money on Meat and Dairy Businesses

The Home Run Diet Knocks Out Diabetes

Running With Dr. Ruth Heidrich

From Cancer to Ironman: How Food Makes the Difference (Ruth Heidrich interview on her role in the film Forks Over Knives)

I Didn’t Want to Age Like My Parents Did

“The Ocean Needs Sharks More Than I Need Soup”

From Meat-Centered Meals to Free From Harm

Dead From Diabetes, Then Revived and Helping Others Thrive

How To Beat Depression and Look Twenty Years Younger

Why Now Is a Great Time to Be Vegan

Inner Peace: A Simple Choice (the story of Animal Acres)

How To Make Kids Love Their Veggies

Vegan for Almost Thirty Years – And Loving It

Neglected Ideals on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Four Consultations and You Are Healed

Energy To the Max with Whole Foods

Whole Foods for Health and Weight Loss Make All the Difference

Getting Kids Lean and Green

Nutrition and Health: Dull No More

Commitment Is the Engine of Weight Loss

Organic Fruits and Veggies Take Over the World

Ten Strategies to Diet and Exercise Success

My Best Decade Ever: Life With Meaning

Your Best Weight-Loss Partner Is Closer Than You Think – And on Duty 24/7

Melt Nutrition Confusion As Quickly As Summer Thaws Snow


Grass-Fed Beef Is Heating the Planet

Climate Change Simplified

The Wildlife Massacre That Ranchers Want to Hide

Every Bite of Food Pushes Greenhouse Gases Up or Down

Carnivorous Plants Can Tell You What to Eat

Five Sites to Get Toxic Chemicals Out of Your Life

Roasting the Earth Along with Your Dinner

Toxic Chemicals: How Little Do You Want to Know?

Global Warming Uncertainty: Here’s Help

Heavy Snows Are a Sign of Climate Destabilization

Barbecue With a Side of Chemicals


How To Get Animals Out of Our Vegetables

Move Over Drugs – Horticulture Therapy Is Green Healing

How to Grow Microgreens for Food and Stress Relief

Green Spaces Aren’t Optional

My Best Hike of the Year


My Favorite Frosty Drink

Angela’s Fast, Fresh, and Wildly Delicious Recipes

How to Make Delicious Green Sandwiches

Cold-Fighting Soup Helps Keep Winter Illness Away

The PlantPure Nation Cookbook Is a Recipe Delight

Recipes That Sing a Plant-Based Song

How The Vegiterranean Diet Transforms the Mediterranean Diet

Lavender: A Colorful Flavor

Vegan for the Holidays is Your Must-Have Cookbook for Festive Winter Celebrations

How To Make Fruit Salad Everyone Will Love

I Never Thought It Would Taste This Good and Be So Satisfying (whole foods, plant-based cooking classes with Tracy Childs)

Whole Foods, Plant-Based Recipes for Everyday Feasts (whole foods, plant-based cooking classes and cookbooks with David Gabbe)

Healing Foods and Satisfying Taste Marry at Casa de Luz (interview two and review)

Whole Foods, Plant-Based Dining That Will Delight Your Taste (Casa de Luz in San Diego – interview one)

How to Prepare Over 100 Plant Indulgent Recipes (Chef AJ)

Not-Too-Sweet Cranberry Sauce: Here’s the Secret Ingredient

Summer Comfort Food that Keeps You Full (steamed potatoes)

Twelve Ways to Make Cooking Fun and Easy

Not-Recipes for Not-Meals

Recipes for Health and Weight Loss Success

A Whole Foods New Year’s Tradition that Tastes Great (black-eyed peas and greens)


Justice and Sustainability on Martin Luther King Day

An Early Thanksgiving On a Budget

Thanksgiving: A Time for Gratitude and Feasting

Healthy for 2010: The Best Gift You Can Give

Halloween – Fun, Sweet, and Healthy with the Power of Surprise