References for The Perfect Formula Diet

Please check any and all these sources for yourself. Draw your own conclusions. You may be surprised to see all the misinformation you have been getting from deep-pocket industries that aim to sell you profitable foods, drugs, and supplements. The evidence to choose a whole foods, plant-based diet is overwhelming.

Only direct references (used for specific facts or studies cited in The Perfect Formula Diet) are included here.  References are in MLA format.

Note that webmasters seldom leave web pages posted, unchanged, over a long period. If you want to check a listed reference from the Internet, and the page is no longer available, please email the author (through the contact page of this site). The author will email, fax, or mail you the reference you need (for noncommercial use) from the Internet if the site has been changed.

The best place to search for the latest peer-reviewed information on any health topic is Pub Med, a National Institutes of Health site that catalogs scientific articles on medical topics from around the world.

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Chapter 13 references (Part 1-through Catalog of Misery)

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