How The Perfect Formula Diet Can Help You: Nineteen Tips for Health and Weight Loss

The Perfect Formula Diet describes a simple, whole-foods, plant-based eating plan. Here are tips from each of the book’s first nineteen chapters to get you going in the fast lane.

Chapter 1. Perfect Body – Losing weight is a matter of getting out of nature’s way by eating the food your body is designed to thrive on. (page 1)

Chapter 2. Perfect Weight – You will be satisfied on a plant-based diet a lot longer than you will be on a calorie-restricted diet (page 18)

Chapter 3. Perfect Foods – If you have some extra pounds, you are not eating enough of the right kinds of food – Perfect Food (page 23)

Chapter 4. Perfect Protein – Plants manufacture all essential amino acids; animals lack the metabolic energy to form these molecules. You are best off getting your essential aminos right from the plant source and skipping the animal middleman. (page 34)

Chapter 5. Perfect Nutrients – Whole plant foods are crammed with protective, nutritionally active compounds called phytochemicals, which are not in animal foods and are diminished in manufactured or processed foods. There may be up to 100,000 different kinds of phytochemicals, which you can use to boost your health. (page 51)

Chapter 6. Perfect Formula Diet – You will be most successful if you base when to eat on “not-meal” plans that work with your body’s own natural rhythms, rather than eating meals at arbitrary times (often not until you are famished) (page 63)

Chapter 7. Perfect Rotation – When you eat generous amounts of vegetables, fruit, beans, potatoes, and whole grains, you will enjoy an endless variety of satisfying, appealing, and delicious foods all year long. (page 71)

Chapter 8. Perfect Start – Be patient with yourself as you move to a whole foods diet. Change doesn’t happen all at once, nor does it follow a straight line. (page 105)

Chapter 9. Perfect Logistics –To make shopping an adventure, buy at least one kind of fruit or vegetable you have not eaten in a while (or ever) at your local grocery store. (page 114)

Chapter 10. Perfect Price – Consider value when buying food, not just price. That is, think about the amounts of nutrients you get per dollar and how the food will impact your health care expenses to make the most rational selection. (page 127)

Chapter 11. Perfect Evidence – You can break free of the nutrition “controversy” trap and feel confident about your food choices by understanding the natural occurrence of human diseases in a variety of countries and settings. (page 133)

Chapter 12. Perfect Health – Take care of your teeth, because if you have gum disease you are significantly more likely to develop coronary artery disease, diabetes, kidney disease, osteorporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and cancer. (page 148)

Chapter 13. Perfect Defenses – You may be able to slow the aging process by reducing chronic inflammation in your body through a whole foods diet. (page 161)

Chapter 14. Perfect Balance – If you want to enhance your immune system without either provoking or suppressing it, follow an eating plan based on vegetables, fruit, beans, potatoes, and whole grains. (page 178)

Chapter 15. Perfect Puzzle Completed – You can reduce your level of IGF-1, a cancer-promoting hormone, by avoiding animal protein. (page 181)

Chapter 16. Perfect Planet – The best way to avoid highly toxic persistent organic pollutants is to eat a plant-based diet. Animal foods are the source of 89%-99% of the persistent organic pollutants in your body. (page 202)

Chapter 17. Perfect Home – Read the labels on all personal care products, avoiding those with potentially inflammatory mystery ingredients you don’t recognize and can’t pronounce. (page 212)

Chapter 18. Perfect Next Steps – Enhance your health by spending time in green spaces, undeveloped land with trees and other plants. (page 224)

Chapter 19. Perfect Climate – To dependably stay on the healthiest diet, with no lapses, you will benefit from moral reasons and ethical purposes outside yourself. Ironically, the best way to improve your own health is to have a purpose bigger than your own concerns. (page 230)

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