Excerpt of Chapter 2

Perfect Weight

At your Perfect Weight, you will look your best, foster robust health, and recharge your energy. But here’s the best news. You will maintain this weight effortlessly as long as you follow the Perfect Formula Diet. You can reach and stay at your Perfect Weight more easily than you think.

Traditional Diets Don’t Work (Duh)

A headline-grabbing Harvard study proves beyond any doubt that traditional diets don’t work. This research measured how four common diets achieved weight loss over a two year period.

The prescribed meal plans were all based on limited amounts of eggs, milk, meat, olive oil, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and whole grains—too little total food to satisfy most adults. Researchers aimed to adjust the amount of fat and protein in each diet by small variations in the relative proportion of each food.

For example, one of the diets called for a six inch banana while another prescribed an eight inch banana. How often have you seen fellow shoppers stalking the produce section looking for exactly the right size banana? If you see anyone putting a tape measure to a banana, you can guess that person is participating in a silly government-funded diet study wasting your tax dollars.

You are probably not surprised to learn that few study participants followed their assigned diet and weight loss results were dismal. Using biological markers, researchers discovered that most people in the study were eating similar amounts of protein and fat despite the fact they had been assigned different proportions as part of the research design.

All the study participants started out overweight or obese and virtually all ended up that way after two years of intensive coaching and hunger-producing meal plans. The average weight loss was a puny nine pounds. Is this what you want for yourself after two years of struggle?

On the Perfect Formula Diet you can permanently lose nine pounds in one or two hunger-free months. You will eat a satisfying variety of foods. And you can eat all the bananas you want—without measuring them!

Other studies reinforce the findings that, even with dietary counseling, low calorie diets based on reduced portions of typical foods are likely to leave you close to your original weight after a year or two of chronic hunger and feeling deprived, anxious, and guilty.

With diets based on portion control and fewer daily calories, your metabolism slows down so that your Perfect Body adapts to its reduced fuel source. Your digestive system becomes more efficient at absorbing all the calories you do eat.

Exercise alone does not do the trick either. A review of 80 studies showed dietary approaches worked better than exercise alone in getting people to reduce their weight and keep it off. Those who exercised more without changing their eating habits seldom lost more than a minimal number of pounds.

Even an attempt as drastic as bariatric surgery to lose weight and stay trim will only work if you change your eating habits.

Liberation From Weight

You can live free from the merciless taskmasters of excess weight, food cravings, and chronic hunger. If you are overweight or obese, your weight is probably a major issue for you just about every day.