Excerpt of Chapter 1

Perfect Body

You get only one body for your lifetime, so it’s lucky for you that your body is naturally perfect. Your physical self is an awesome composition of 100 trillion cells, all orchestrated to keep you vigorous and at your ideal weight well into your nineties, or older.

You have good reason to be proud of yourself, even if you want to make some changes. Your body knows how to heal cuts and bruises, digest food, use oxygen, get rid of wastes, pump blood, fight off microbes, rebuild damaged cells, and turn sound waves into understandable speech—all without your conscious control.

Your body in its wisdom also knows how to keep you at a trim weight. This book teaches you a system to work with your body so you achieve all the weight and health benefits of following nature’s plan.

Working with your naturally Perfect Body Losing weight is a matter of getting out of nature’s way by eating the food your body is designed to thrive on. Have you ever seen an overweight coyote, fox, squirrel, rabbit, mountain lion, or deer in the wild? No, and you never will. Your body is built to naturally stay as lean as a wild animal’s.

While your body is inherently perfect in its design, you may be challenged by unnatural conditions that push the limits of what you can handle. Symptoms of disease and ballooning waistlines are not “mistakes.” Instead, your body is doing everything in its power to counter the damaging conditions it must survive in our current era of manufactured foods and a chemical-laced environment. You are probably also harmed by a serious deficiency of nutrients found only in whole foods.

If you have chronic pain or illness or have suffered a heart attack or stroke, you may feel your body is betraying you. Yet your body wants to achieve glowing health. Are you letting yourself down through poor decisions and second-best nutrition? Are you accelerating your own aging instead of fostering lifelong high functioning? You can learn—and enjoy—nature’s eating plan to take your health in a new direction.

On your usual diet, you may sense of loss of control—a frightening feeling that there’s nothing you can do to make things right with yourself. On the Perfect Formula Diet, you regain a firm grip on moving in a healthy direction. You do have it in your power, through some simple choices, to achieve youthful energy, enviable health, an attractive weight, a positive outlook, and the ability to take charge of your eating and your lifestyle.

On previous weight loss diets, you may have glumly subsisted on tiny, microwaved meals with 300 or so calories compressed into way too few bites of food. Maybe you tried to fill up on a side salad that was large in volume but seemed to strangely shrink once it hit your stomach. The Perfect Formula Diet encourages you to sit down and eat an entire plateful of satisfying food. Eat until you are no longer hungry, and when you are hungry, eat again.

On the Perfect Formula Diet, you snack as a way to avoid overeating at meals. In fact, you’ll move away from the concept of “meals” and let your hunger guide when you should fuel your body.