Todd Rosenthal Shares Whole Food, Plant-Based Recipe Favorites

Todd Rosenthal trounced diabetes and lost 50 pounds through whole foods, plant-based nutrition. Enjoy his story by linking to this post.

Todd's blueberry rice is a dinner time favorite

Here Todd shares some of the recipes that made him successful, including his favorite home run green smoothie.

BREAKFAST: Spicy rolled oats

This is very simple. In a bowl mix:

About 1 cup of uncooked rolled oats

Sprinkle top with 1 layer of cinnamon.

Handful of raisins

Mix together until completely mixed.

Add 1/2 apple chopped to bite sized pieces and mix again.

This is a delicious high fiber breakfast and the uncooked oats have a surprisingly wonderful texture.


Make 2 cups of garbanzo or cannellini beans from scratch.

Bean salad is delicious and healthy. You vary the ingredients to suit your tastes.

Rinse well and put in a large bowl.

Add red wine vinegar to taste

Chopped red onion to taste

Chopped red or green pepper or chopped up roasted red pepper from a jar.


Sun dried tomatoes chopped into small pieces

Fresh chopped basil

Season lightly with salt and pepper and garlic powder.

Mix well and enjoy.

DINNER: Blueberry rice with grilled veggies

Prepare 1 to 2 cups brown basamati rice according to directions.

Thaw a bag of frozen blueberries.

Place yellow onions, peppers, tomatoes on a skewer and place skewer on grill.

Cook skewers for 5 to 10 minutes. Turn over and cook until evenly cooked on both sides – I like to see some carmelization on all sides of the veggies.

Spoon rice onto plate, add blueberries with some juice from the bag and mix with rice.

Place veggies atop rice and pull skewer out.

Top with spices – I use an asian 5 spice blend.

DESSERT: Strawberries and “cream”

Take 2 ripe bananas and mash with fork.

Whip until bananas have a consistency like that of a heavy cream.

Mix in a capful of natural vanilla extract.

Slice 4 strawberries and place in bowl with bananas.

SNACK: Natural peanuts and popcorn childhood mix

Air pop popcorn – use organic popcorn if available since corn is one of the most genetically modified food products around and I don’t trust most store bought brands.

After popping, transfer popped kernels to a bowl and save or re-pop any un-popped kernels.

Add a few handfuls of peanuts.

Top with grade B maple syrup and a pinch or two of sea salt.

Stir mixture together.

This tastes just like cracker jacks but can be messy so you may want to eat with a fork.

HOME RUN GREEN SMOOTHIE: great any time of day

1 – 1 1/2 cups of water

1 banana

1 apple

Handful of grapes and any other berries (optional – but berries add wonderful flavor and texture to the smoothie as well as phytonutrients)

1 tablespoon of flax seeds ( optional)

2 collard green leaves

Any other greens – spinach is great too

Mix for 2-3 minutes.

Use organic produce if possible.