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Five Bestsellers Wow the World with Plant-Based Nutrition

People are tired of being fat and sick, dependent on expensive drugs with scary side-effects, and feeling helpless. We know deep down, as a nation, there has to be a better way. An easier and more natural way. We all know people with cancer, heart disease, arthritis, migraines, high blood pressure, and all the other afflictions of current times.

Five books with the hopeful message of plant-based nutrition are topping the charts on amazon.com. Here are five awesome choices in amazon’s top 200 as of early November 2009. All these books will give you ideas and insights

Diet books for healthy and permanent weight loss

Diet books for healthy and permanent weight loss

into getting to your healthy weight and knocking chronic illness out of your life.

  • Eating Animals.  Jonathan Safron Foer, in a Wall Street Journal article, asks why we eat “farmed animals” but not the dogs that many cultures find so tasty. This controversy has propelled his book Eating Animals into the top 50 on amazon.
  • The Conscious Cook. Tal Ronnen, who has been personal chef to Oprah, gives delectable recipes for plant-based meals.
  • The Kind Diet. Alicia Silverstone outlines the many approaches to healthy plant-based eating. She includes recipes that will make anyone’s table the most desired place to eat in town.
  • The China Study. T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., describes the world’s most valuable study of people’s real life eating habits. Dr. Campbell tells you how to use this research to make a huge difference in your own health. Published in 2006, this book still has a firm spot in the top 200.
  • Eat to Live.  Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s compelling and often amusing look at why nutrient-dense whole foods will make you thin and healthy. Dr. Fuhrman shreds a high-protein approach to eating. The November 9 issue of People prominently features this book as Alanis Morissette give Eat to Live the credit for her stunning weight loss.

How popular does a book have to be to get into the amazon top 200? The title has to be selling in the top .01% on the site. Think of it. That’s how many people are interested in plant-based nutrition. Would you want to get in on this action? Check out one of these bestsellers and find out.

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Blog posting by Janice Stanger, Ph.D. Janice authored The Perfect Formula Diet, the smart person’s nutrition book built on sustainable food choices. Enjoy six kinds of whole foods for permanent, hunger-free weight loss and health.

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