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Eating Animals: Myths and Realities

Sunday, November 27th, 2016
Robert delights in rescuing animals

Robert delights in rescuing animals. Here he holds one of the chickens who his now his buddy.


In Farm to Fable, Robert Grillo Uncovers Dangerous Marketing Fantasies

Farm to Fable is an eye-opening book that answers the question: Why do people in modern societies eat animals, when it is not necessary for (in fact is harmful to) our health and survival? Author Robert Grillo shows that a series of manipulative fictions keep animals on our collective plates. His insider’s perspective as a marketing consultant (including former work on Happy Meal boxes) is the ideal basis for his careful research and insightful analysis. His book continues (more…)

Grass-fed Beef Is Heating the Planet

Sunday, November 13th, 2016
This beautiful pronghorn, a native species, regained its home after cattle were removed from Hart Mountain

This beautiful pronghorn, a native species, regained its home after cattle were removed from Hart Mountain

Dr. Bill Ripple’s Research Shows the Stark Destruction Caused by Grazing Cattle

Bill Ripple, PhD is Distinguished Professor of Ecology at Oregon State University. Over twenty years ago, he began researching the beneficial effects that wolves in Yellowstone have on that ecosystem. From there, he branched to investigating the key roles of large carnivores in ecological systems around the world. I explored his findings with him on this critical research, especially how it demolishes the fantasy that (more…)

The Ultimate Betrayal Investigates Happy Meat

Saturday, April 11th, 2015
The Ultimate Betrayal will shock you with the real facts behind feel-good meat, dairy, egg, and fish labels

The Ultimate Betrayal will shock you with the real facts behind feel-good meat, dairy, egg, and fish labels

Hope Bohanec Exposes the Reality Behind Feel-Good Meat Labels

Is there any way in which “humane” meat, dairy, or eggs are better – for human health, the environment, or animals? In The Ultimate Betrayal, Hope Bohanec takes on this question. She presents surprising information that may shock consumers confused by myriad industry labels, such as “sustainable,” “local,” “natural,” “free-range,” “grass-fed,” “cage-free,” and “organic.”

The Ultimate Betrayal convincingly shows that feel-good buzzwords in animal agriculture are ploys to part consumers and their money. These terms also encourage those who desperately want to spare animal suffering and help the planet feel guiltless when they buy animal foods.

The hard-hitting research in this book leaves no wiggle-room for the happy meat industry. Contrasting factory farms and their advertised humane alternatives, Hope demonstrates (more…)

The Wildlife Massacre That Ranchers Want to Hide

Monday, August 4th, 2014
The Center for Biological Diversity's graphic carries a powerful message on the destructiveness of eating meat

The Center for Biological Diversity’s graphic carries a powerful message on the destructiveness of eating meat

The Center of Biological Diversity Shows the Best Way to Save Wildlife Is a Change in Diet

The Center for Biological Diversity, a nonprofit that has protected more than 500 endangered species and 220 million acres of their habitat, is an organization that is taking on the most unpopular truth in the environmental movement.

The Center’s newsletter, Endangered Earth, says it best in advocating their new Earth-friendly Diet Campaign. “You have at least three chances a day, every day, to save wildlife. Choose to take extinction off your plate.” You do this by pledging to cut your meat consumption by at least one third – and the less meat you eat, the better.

The Campaign’s site,, shows how animals raised for food directly compete with wildlife for land and resources, such as food and water. Ranching business people are behind the shooting, trapping, and poisoning of millions of animals a year. Why? These wild animals threaten (more…)

Animal Advocacy Museum Is a Step Forward Inspiring Change

Saturday, June 29th, 2013
The Animal Advocacy Museum proudly displays its thought-provoking logo

The Animal Advocacy Museum proudly displays its thought-provoking logo

This Pasadena Museum Shares, Enlightens, and Creates Community

When Patty Shenker learned there is a SPAM Museum, she decided that animals deserve a museum too. She teamed with friend and fellow activist Prabhat Gautam to find a spot to turn their vision for the Animal Advocacy Museum into reality. After over a year of searching, the founders discovered space in Pasadena, California in a building that is part of the veg-friendly Throop Unitarian Universalist Church.

The Animal Advocacy Museum‘s mission is to educate the public about the many important issues that surround the way animals are treated. Among other issues, the Museum shows the suffering in puppy mills, fur, animals used for “entertainment,” animal testing, and farming animals for food. So it’s exciting that the Museum includes not just room for exhibits, but also access to an events space.

The first exhibit launched March 30, 2013. In the short three months since then, the Museum has put up new exhibits and already sponsored powerful speakers and fund raisers for other animal advocacy groups, and is planning a variety of ways to get people together and inspire them, including social events and a best (more…)

A Stunning Film That Bumps Your Heart

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Tribe of Heart film makers James LaVeck and Jenny Stein

Tribe of Heart Film Makers James LaVeck and Jenny Stein Show a Peaceable Kingdom That Includes Us All

In a profound scene from the film Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home, fifth-generation beef farmer Harold Brown describes his transformation when the cow Snickers ran up to him and thumped his head against Harold’s chest. In that moment, Harold felt (more…)

Fostering Joy

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

The kittens were so cute that just watching them brought profound joy.

The Sound Of Seven Cats Purring

The first big job was naming the kittens. What a splendid opportunity, we felt, to shape the psyches of these visiting infants. The six kittens spanned the cat color range: one orange, one black, a light gray with white markings, a dark gray, and two gray and black striped tabbies.

All of these three-week old babies were males, except for one of the tabbies. The kittens came (more…)

From Meat-Centered Meals to Free From Harm

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Robert Grillo with one of the friends who inspires him

Robert Grillo Is a Dedicated Advocate of a Plant-Based Lifestyle and Getting To the Core of Truth about Our Food

Robert Grillo makes time every day to report on top news and issues in plant-based eating and the reality of animals raised for food. His website Free from Harm is one of the best sources I’ve found for must-know animal stories that may not make ordinary headlines. Rather watch than read? Free from Harm hosts a collection of dozens of long and short videos on plant-based nutrition and animal issues.

When Robert is not digging through and sharing the news, he shares veganized version of classic American favorite foods on his other site, Hearty Vegan Recipes.

Robert, an independent writer and marketing consultant, has lived in Chicago all his life. I met him on LinkedIn. After marveling at the daily stream of hard hitting information he posted on vegan and vegetarian groups there, I had to contact him to get to know him better.

Robert generously took time from his packed schedule to answer my questions on his journey from (more…)

Inner Peace: A Simple Choice

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

Sanctuary Animals Give an Invaluable Gift

The Animal Acres T-shirt says it all

The early morning was cool as my daughter Angela, our friends Teagen, Rose, and Rachel, and I set out for the 164 mile drive to Animal Acres. I had long wanted to visit this sanctuary for rescued farmed animals, a bit north of Los Angeles. Finally, my friends set the date and invited me and Angie to be part of the adventure.

I was relaxed, looking forward to spending a cruelty-free day. In summer my favorite haunt is the beach, in search of the perfect body-surfing wave. Being carried by the ocean feels (more…)