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The Wildlife Massacre That Ranchers Want to Hide

Monday, August 4th, 2014
The Center for Biological Diversity's graphic carries a powerful message on the destructiveness of eating meat

The Center for Biological Diversity’s graphic carries a powerful message on the destructiveness of eating meat

The Center of Biological Diversity Shows the Best Way to Save Wildlife Is a Change in Diet

The Center for Biological Diversity, a nonprofit that has protected more than 500 endangered species and 220 million acres of their habitat, is an organization that is taking on the most unpopular truth in the environmental movement.

The Center’s newsletter, Endangered Earth, says it best in advocating their new Earth-friendly Diet Campaign. “You have at least three chances a day, every day, to save wildlife. Choose to take extinction off your plate.” You do this by pledging to cut your meat consumption by at least one third – and the less meat you eat, the better.

The Campaign’s site,, shows how animals raised for food directly compete with wildlife for land and resources, such as food and water. Ranching business people are behind the shooting, trapping, and poisoning of millions of animals a year. Why? These wild animals threaten (more…)

Fish Contains Worm Larvae

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

This beautiful fish enjoys her ocean home, just as nature intended

Ten Reasons Seafood Is Not Safe or Appetizing

Government, media, and even health professionals flood you with advice to load up your diet with fish and fish oil. The alleged health benefits of eating fish center on a two nutrients: omega-3 fatty acids and protein.

Don’t be fooled by industry and government hype. Plants are the base of the food chain on planet earth. Plants are nutrient factories, while animals are nutrient consumers. Fish are animals, and as such get all their nutrients from plants or from (more…)