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What The Health is What You Must Know

Sunday, March 19th, 2017

Why do national health organizations fail to warn consumers, in strong language, about the demonstrated health dangers of processed meat?

Three Reasons To See This Documentary (Review)

What The Health  is a must-see documentary if you care about your health or the fate of our planet. This film is from the creators of the influential Cowspiracy, which shows the devastating effect that raising animals for food has on speeding climate change.

Now the filmmakers take on the issue of the disastrous impact of animal foods on health, a huge topic which (more…)

Toxic Chemicals: How Little Do You Want to Know?

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Cancer Panel Critics Portray Ignorance as Bliss

The President’s Cancer Panel, in the April 2010 report Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk, implores the nation’s scientists and policymakers to decisively address the potential harm from over 80,000 manmade chemicals. This call-to-action is dense with

There is no "away." All toxins end up on our planet, polluting air, water, soil, plants, animals, and us.

stunning facts and a willingness to question accepted wisdom. The document is clearly written, immensely readable, and more suspenseful than a mystery or spy thriller.

The Panel directly takes on some of the wealthiest and most powerful lobbies in the US. The chemical, agricultural, pharmaceutical, medical care, and medical research industries all face intense and direct scrutiny. The Panel also highlights the weakness of government “regulatory” agencies, which often do little more than rubber stamp industry requests at the public’s expense. The Panel even takes the military to task for its unchecked role in spreading carcinogens.

Yet the report is not sensational or strident in tone. It doesn’t have to be. The facts speak for themselves, and any extraneous commentary or criticism would only weaken the conclusions. Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk is meticulously researched, with 454 direct references and input from 45 experts from academia, government, industry, and advocacy groups who testified at Panel meetings.

You might think that it’s just common sense that toxic manmade chemicals may cause cancer and other serious health problems. You might believe that major scientific organizations would welcome investigation into this critical and poorly understood topic.

You would be wrong. Critics from the New York Times to the American Cancer Society have bashed the (more…)