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Will Fruit Make You Fat?

Friday, June 13th, 2014
Fruit sampling is a farmers market favorite for kids and their parents as well

Fruit sampling is a farmers market favorite for kids and their parents as well

Fears of Fruit Flood Ill-Informed Diets

Controversy swirls around the question of whether people who are overweight should eat fruit. On the one hand, this food is regarded as the embodiment of health, unprocessed and rich in vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and other beneficial substances. But then there is the myth that (more…)

How To Make Fruit Salad Everyone Will Love

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

An inventive presentation can make your delicious fruit even more tempting

Easy Elegance for Picnics and Get-Togethers

If you are figuring out a fast, easy dish for any gathering, from a summer picnic to an elegant dinner party, fruit salad is your solution. Colorful fruit salad is gorgeous and tempting, bringing an orchard to your kitchen.

You don’t even need a recipe for fruit salad. You can make it on a moment’s notice, assuming you keep lots of fruit in your house. Hopefully you do this anyway, since fruit is a pillar of a healthy, whole foods, plant-based diet.

Fruit salad is the ultimate in uncooking. You can even let young children help assemble it. In fact, letting kids have fun in making meals with healthy foods is one of the best ways to get them launched on lifelong wise eating choices.

Here are some hints to making your fruit salad memorable and irresistible.

Enjoy your fruit salad outdoors on a picnic blanket in a green space, at the beach, or in a sunny nook in your house. Appreciate all that nature put into the fruit – the soil, sun, pollinators. Smile at nature’s greatest bounty.

Include a range of colors for visual appeal. The fruit salad will also be more interesting (more…)