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“I Never Thought It Would Taste This Good And Be So Satisfying”

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

Tracy shows off some ingredietns she uses to create amazing whole foods, plant-based recipes

 Tracy Childs Teaches How to Cook Health and Great Meals At The Same Time

A commonplace perception is that whole foods, plant-based diets are healthy, but perhaps lacking in taste, variety, and satisfaction. Tracy Childs is working to change that misperception, showing her students that whole foods, plant-based recipes can delight their taste, fill their stomachs, and please their families.

I met Tracy, a fellow San Diegan, a couple of years ago. Since then I have been fortunate to (more…)

Twelve Ways to Make Cooking Fun and Easy

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Whip Up Health and Weight Loss Success in Minutes

Imagine if someone actually paid you to be healthy. Sent you a handful of dollar bills every morning to have fun. That’s what cooking

Even a child can cook simple foods. In fact, food prep can be a fun family experience.

your own food is like.

Compared to eating out, cooking whole foods at home saves so much money that you can bank the difference. And even if you dread the task of preparing food now, a few simple insights and strategies can make the kitchen a favorite room.

In this era of manufactured, salt-drenched offerings in restaurants and supermarkets, cooking is a survival skill. If you flinch from preparing food, your health and weight will suffer.

Cooking is a major survival skill in the modern world. So you may as well learn to enjoy it. Here are twelve tips to get started on preparing your own home-cooked meals using (more…)