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Vegan Travel – No Problem!

Monday, July 24th, 2017

Veggie Planet Takes You Around the World on Plant-Powered Food

Veggie Planet will make you an informed and confident vegan traveler, whether at home or thousands of miles away

Veggie Planet, by world traveler Wendy Werneth, shows you how to enjoy tasty plant-based food from 11 cuisines. Wendy includes easy-to-find foods you probably never knew existed from countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, as well as Mexico. This highly readable, upbeat, and fun book is excellent for anyone who enjoys trying new and flavorful options, at home or while traveling, regardless of their current diet.

Wendy has traveled to 100 countries, and has been vegan for several years. She shows you that vegan travel is a treasure hunt crammed with numerous rewards, from snacks at street vendors, to meals at restaurants, to authentic home-cooked traditional dishes that the locals regularly eat.  Her many food descriptions will allow you to enjoy food in abundance, even at places that are only “accidentally vegan.”

Not a world traveler? Wendy tells you how to find flavors you might never have known about in (more…)

The Nomadic Vegan Makes Plant-Based Travels Easy

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016
Wendy hiking in Madagascar

Wendy hiking in Madagascar

Wendy Werneth Has Fun Sampling Vegan Eats Around the World

Have you ever anxiously wondered, when planning a trip, how you would find plant-based meals to stay full, energized, and happy?  I found Wendy Werneth’s free ebook, 9 Steps for Easy Vegan Travel, so useful that I contacted her to learn more about her journeys. Here’s what Wendy told me when I asked her (more…)