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Six Hidden Dangers of Sunscreen You Must Know for Summer

Monday, May 28th, 2012

The beach gets crowded on a sunny day. The most popular activity is simply taking the sun. On an overcast day, people go home quickly.

Can a Whole Foods, Plant-Based Diet Do What Sunscreen Can’t?

Life on earth evolved with the sun. Plants, the base of the food chain, harness solar power through photosynthesis in leaves. Animals live off the energy and nutrients in plants. Over billions of years, plants and animals have perfected their relationship with the sun. Living things have evolved safeguards to benefit from the sun without succumbing to its power.

Yet today, sunscreen manufacturers would have you believe that the sun is your enemy, a cancer promoter. Instead, you are supposed to trust the chemicals in sunscreen to safeguard your health. The fact that sunlight is free and sunscreen drained (more…)

Five Top Sites to Get Toxic Chemicals Out of Your Life

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

It's no coincidence that the aisles of products with chemical ingredients in most drug stores ends at the pharmacy counter

Must-Have Information on Harmful Chemicals in Your Home

Whether you are buying personal care and household products for yourself or as a gift for others, you need to be aware of the toxic substances that lurk in these products. Manufacturers lure you in with sexy ads and bright packaging. Chemical-laden choices promise to (more…)