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Are You Getting Enough Sun?

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016
All life on earth is designed to thrive with the sun, or it would not be able to survive. This includes people.

All life on earth is designed to thrive with the sun, or it would not be able to survive. This includes people

Four Health Benefits of Sun, and Why Sunscreen Can Be Dangerous

Life on earth evolved with the sun. Humans are adapted to live and thrive with sunshine – otherwise, people would have long since vanished from the planet.  Once you understand the benefits and risks of exposure to sun, you can make informed decisions. How much sun should you get, and when and how can you shield yourself from its powerful rays once you have gotten an optimal amount?

Language lets you know, in an intuitive way, that modern medical and chemical industries exaggerate the dangers of sunshine’s ultraviolet rays and minimize surprising (more…)

Six Hidden Dangers of Sunscreen You Must Know for Summer

Monday, May 28th, 2012

The beach gets crowded on a sunny day. The most popular activity is simply taking the sun. On an overcast day, people go home quickly.

Can a Whole Foods, Plant-Based Diet Do What Sunscreen Can’t?

Life on earth evolved with the sun. Plants, the base of the food chain, harness solar power through photosynthesis in leaves. Animals live off the energy and nutrients in plants. Over billions of years, plants and animals have perfected their relationship with the sun. Living things have evolved safeguards to benefit from the sun without succumbing to its power.

Yet today, sunscreen manufacturers would have you believe that the sun is your enemy, a cancer promoter. Instead, you are supposed to trust the chemicals in sunscreen to safeguard your health. The fact that sunlight is free and sunscreen drained (more…)

Vitamin D: the Good, the Necessary, and the Toxic

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

This Misnamed Essential Can Accumulate to Dangerous Levels

This is the first-choice source of vitamin D for most people. The sun, which powers life on earth, also energizes your skin to manufacture vitamin D, which is better understood as a hormone than as a vitamin.

To understand how to get enough vitamin D without poisoning yourself with too much, first you need to realize that this essential is not a vitamin at all. By definition, a vitamin must come from what you eat. Yet vitamin D is scarce or nonexistent in virtually all foods, unless artificially added.

Nature intended that humans manufacture their own vitamin D when certain ultraviolet rays from the sun strike skin. How do we know this? Because your skin cells have the ability to make D, and will do so whenever you allow them to. Humans thrived for eons before vitamin D supplements were available, so clearly these are not necessary for healthy life.

Vitamin D is actually a hormone, a necessary substance your body makes by itself. This essential was misnamed back in the 1920s, when researchers were first discovering (more…)